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At CloudZone One we want you to make the most of your NetSuite System

As your NetSuite/JCurve system is at the heart of your IT infrastructure we want to ensure you are getting the most out of the system. NetSuite is a powerful solution that will continue to adapt as your business changes. To make the most of solution you should continually evaluate how best to use the system. To assist you with this process the team at CloudZone One recommend you consider the following features to maximise the investment you have made in NetSuite:

  • Challenge existing business processes - can you do them better/more efficiently?
  • Rationalise roles - try and only have 1 role per user
  • Reminders and KPIs on the dashboard
  • Make use of SuiteAnswers and help
  • Use of custom links for custom reports / external business websites

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David Rainbow
Director - CloudZone One