NetSuite Services You Can Trust


Our ‘RAPID’ methodology is based on industry best practices for SME clients transitioning their business to the cloud with NetSuite solutions.

The advantage of RAPID is that we can offer templates to deliver a fixed scope in the fastest possible time-frame and yet also support your project if your requirements are broader.

Each customer has unique requirements and thus RAPID is flexible enough to ensure we only complete the stages required for your project.


Initiate - Project Scope

Initiate Phase Kicks off the Project, finalises the Project Scope, Project Plan, introduces the Projects teams and sets out the rules of engagement

Analyse - Your Requirements

Analyse Phase is the Discovery Phase where workshops are undertaken to capture the Customers Requirements

Design - Solution Approach And Definition

Design Phase preparation and writing the Solution Design Document based on the Requirements gathering workshops

Configure - System Setup

Configure Phase includes the setup and configuration of NetSuite based on the signed Solution Design Document

Validate - Testing

Validation Phase includes testing end to end business process flows, rollout of customer training and User Acceptance Testing

Deploy - Migration & Training

Deployment Phase prepares the production account for Go Live

Optimise - Run Your Business In The Cloud!

Optimise – Customer transitions from Go Live to Support


4 - 6 MONTHS


Education Is The Key To User Acceptance

CloudZone One believe in user success as well as Client success. To ensure your users get the most out of the NetSuite Solution, CloudZone One offers a range of

Provide Your Team With The Knowledge They Need

The CloudZone One Education Services cover a wide range of offerings. These are as follows:

  • System Administration Training
  • Process Flow Training
  • Subject Matter Expert Training
  • Standard Classroom Training Courses
  • Online Learning Management
  • Tailored Training for your Business Processes


Having The Right Backup Team

At CloudZone One, we want to ensure our clients get the most out of using the NetSuite Solution. Our Support Team are focused not only on delivering post Go Live Support, but are always looking at ways to ensure our clients make the most of their NetSuite offering.
We believe that Support should not be a standard one size offering and as such we can tailor our service to suit your specific needs

Support For Now And The Future

CloudZone One Support Services are designed to meet your specific needs. Our services range from:

  • Unlimited Annual Support Contracts
  • Light Support Services
  • Access to Regular Information Courses
  • Discounts on other Services
  • Dedicated Team for regular System Reviews